Master’s degree in numerology. Certificates of the International Center
for Parapsychology and Numerology «Alvasar».

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I will provide full information on numerological calculation per the description


The data provided to me and the information received will not be used anywhere or transferred to any third parties

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After consultation or numerological calculation each client receives a file in electronic form via email


Professionalism is my main priority. I value my professional reputation. I bear full responsibility for every word spoken at the consultation, and every number in the provided report.

Having received a Master’s degree in numerology, I constantly develop in this direction and invest in it a lot of time, strength and financial resources. For many years now I have been in the continuous process of obtaining new knowledge and skills. This most favorably affects my work.

Over the years, I have not had a single dissatisfied customer. Rather, on the contrary, everyone who has ever consulted with me on Skype or asked any question, they return for repeat consultations, and recommend me to all their friends, relatives and acquaintances. This is not only a high result, but also a powerful incentive for my further professional development.


No psychological pressure – I have no influence on the energy and psycho-emotional state of the client.

My task is somewhat different – from the numerologist point of view to look at the life situation, point out the root causes and suggest a way out of the current situation.

I just tell you how to find success, wealth and happiness, and you make all decisions on your own.


I do not do any meditation and travel to the astral. My main tools are a calculator, numerological calculations graphics and psychomatrix. For a better understanding of the situation, I sometimes use Tarot cards.

I am an ordinary person with a mathematical and analytical mindset. All my professional qualities and knowledge are obtained exclusively with the help of intellect. Before I include any information in the calculation, I carefully double-check and analyze them. Unlike fortunetellers, who see the only possible scenario, I also look at the data from different sides. Deeply I understand the situation, applying all my knowledge in different areas – from numerology, astrology and ending with karma, so I offer different solutions to the problems. In most cases, they work. In order to make sure of this, sign up for a consultation and see for yourself!


I communicate with such specialists not for the first time. Many of them press on emotions, demonstrating their enlightenment and client ignorance. Try to extract as much information as possible and on its basis come up with a whole thriller. Therefore, I was at first skeptical to consult with Alex. And it was very different. In addition to the date of birth and name on the passport, there were no more questions to me, but very detailed answers to my questions. The numerological calculation provided complete information, most of which was true. I think everyone should know this, so I recommend to schedule with Alex a complete numerological calculation on karma and consult with him on Skype.
Marina Krasovskaya
I have been doing business for many years. But I invest more than I earn. And found out about Alex by accident, because the numerologist did not even come to mind. I saw in Facebook his page and became interested in the numerological calculation service of the name of the company. It was relatively inexpensive, so I decided that there was nothing to lose. I was very surprised that my company name was intended for a completely different kind of activity, so it did not bring the profit. We picked up a new one. I had to spend money on re-registration. Surprisingly, the first customer with a large purchase called in an hour, after I had the documents on hand. Very grateful to Alex. Gradually the business is getting better.
Andrey Samsonov
My husband and I emigrated to the United States, before we got married. As soon as they began to receive a constant income and got our own apartment, we decided to get married. First, for a long time could not choose the date of the wedding. Then these dates were postponed for various reasons several times. We began to think about the family curse. We started arguing, even wanted to return to our homeland, to Russia, to get married. And then I accidentally learned from my acquaintances about Alex and decided to ask him for help. He calculated the date. We applied. Everything went fine. We are very satisfied and happy. Thank you so much!
Elena Bilenko
San Francisco


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