Why should I contact Alex Knight?

Since it is allowed to advertise the services of fortunetellers and psychics, every day there are more and more scammers. In most cases, these are amateurs. They do not know the laws of esoteric and numerology.

Not surprisingly, in the thinking of many people numerologists, astrologers, tarologists and other specialists of the esoteric profile are associated with charlatans.

Asking me for advice on karma, compatibility or definition of destination, you personally will make sure in the opposite.


This is my main priority. I value my professional reputation. I bear full responsibility for every word ...

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...said on the consultation, and every number in the report. Over the years, I have not had a single dissatisfied customer. Rather, on the contrary, everyone who has ever consulted with me on Skype or asked any question, they return for the repeat consultations, and recommend me to all their friends, relatives and acquaintances.


I have no influence on the energy and psycho-emotional state of the client. My task is different...

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...to look at the life situation from the point of view of the numerologist, point out the causal relationship and suggest a way out of the situation. I just tell you how to find success, wealth and happiness, and you make all decisions on your own.


I do not do any meditation and travel to the astral. My main tools are a calculator, numerological calculations...

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...graphics and psychomatrix. For a better understanding of the situation, I sometimes use tarot cards. I am an ordinary person with a mathematical and analytical mindset. All my professional qualities and knowledge are obtained exclusively with the help of intellect.



On the possibilities of numerology are endless. And briefly, I will tell about your life in numbers.
By scheduling a consultation with me you will learn:
Your psychological portrait

Your most complete and most accurate psychological portrait, which includes information about the character, its qualities, weaknesses and strengths.

Definition of life goals

Clear definition of life goals, tasks and vocations, which consists in the disclosure of talents.

Calculating people compatibility

Calculation of compatibility of 2 or more people:

  • love relationships in the early stages;
  • developed family;
  • related or friendly ties;
  • partner or business relationships.
Information about directions in business

Information about the directions in the business that will be successful and profitable for you, including the selection of the company name, brand name, project, domain.

Faithful people from your environment

Who from your environment you can trust, and from whom you should better stay away.

How to get out of a difficult situation

How to get out of difficult life situations with minimal losses, by making the right decision.

How to maintain health

How to maintain health, physical fitness and vitality.

Type of relationship with a person

Information about your type of relationship with your loved one, as well as recommendations for harmonious development and improvement

When to schedule important dates

When to plan a favorable, from the numerology point of view date of the wedding, the birth of a child, the purchase of vehicles and real estate, the change of residence, the opening of a business, investment.

Information about the name change

How the future name change will affect your future after marriage and divorce.

Information about the move

What will change in your life after moving to another city or country.

How to choose a name for a newborn

How correctly to choose a name for a newborn based on calculation and analysis of a numerological matrix.


Any event in a person's life - from birth to death - is wrapped in the mysterious magic of numbers.

You can ignore it and do not pay attention, but the numbers accompany us everywhere. Each of them contains important information, has a certain energy and momentum.

This valuable information cannot be avoided. After all, with their help you can get to know yourself and the world around you, and also understand the origin of things, states and identify the causes of all phenomena and incidents.

Knowing the mistakes of your past, you can correct the events and direct the future in the right direction. This is exactly what numerology is good for.


With numbers, I, Alex Knight, have been familiar from childhood and originally planned to connect my life with them by graduating from university with a diploma with honors and professionally engaged in computer programming.

Like many people, I often thought about my personal development and purpose. Many years ago, I began to study esoterics. Before I started dealing with the magic of numbers, I worked with many directions and techniques of esotericism. And I fell in love with numerology right after one of my acquaintances suggested making a numerological calculation.

I was amazed at how detailed and complete information can be obtained about a person by knowing the numerology of the name and the meaning of the date of birth. Using Numerology, I can see person’s fate, karma and even the mistakes that he committed in a past life, up to the period and the year.

Numerology by date of birth allows you to calculate the number of destiny by the Pythagoras square, not only reveal in detail the person's personality, but also pointing out the mistakes that he committed in a past life, intelligibly explaining what and why should not be committed in this life, so don’t attract the karma to yourself. Even if this has already happened, you can always fix it. This is what I professionally do in my consultations. Specially trained by the methods of Julie Po, I have a diploma of the Master of Numerology of the International Institute "Alvasar" in the specialization "Karmic and Prognostic Numerology".


Certificates of the International Center for Parapsychology and Numerology "Alvasar"


Over the years, I have not had a single dissatisfied customer.
Sign up for a consultation and see for yourself!

I communicate with such specialists not for the first time. Many of them press on emotions, demonstrating their enlightenment and client ignorance. Try to extract as much information as possible and on its basis come up with a whole thriller. Therefore, I was at first skeptical to consult with Alex. And it was very different. In addition to the date of birth and name on the passport, there were no more questions to me, but very detailed answers to my questions. The numerological calculation provided complete information, most of which was true. I think everyone should know this, so I recommend to schedule with Alex a complete numerological calculation on karma and consult with him on Skype.
Marina Krasovskaya
I have been doing business for many years. But I invest more than I earn. And found out about Alex by accident, because the numerologist did not even come to mind. I saw in Facebook his page and became interested in the numerological calculation service of the name of the company. It was relatively inexpensive, so I decided that there was nothing to lose. I was very surprised that my company name was intended for a completely different kind of activity, so it did not bring the profit. We picked up a new one. I had to spend money on re-registration. Surprisingly, the first customer with a large purchase called in an hour, after I had the documents on hand. Very grateful to Alex. Gradually the business is getting better.
Andrey Samsonov
My husband and I emigrated to the United States, before we got married. As soon as they began to receive a constant income and got our own apartment, we decided to get married. First, for a long time could not choose the date of the wedding. Then these dates were postponed for various reasons several times. We began to think about the family curse. We started arguing, even wanted to return to our homeland, to Russia, to get married. And then I accidentally learned from my acquaintances about Alex and decided to ask him for help. He calculated the date. We applied. Everything went fine. We are very satisfied and happy. Thank you so much!
Elena Bilenko
San Francisco


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